Personal Life Moments


My fifth grade soccer team sponsor was Apple Computer when they were one building. I am blonde kids in the front row, second from the right.


Started working for Fry's Electronics first store as stock boy for floppy disks and RS-232 and Parallel Cable. This lasted about two weeks because it ended up that I knew more about the PCs then the salespeople. I was also worked behind the tech counter building the PCs by installing the RAM, Hard Drives and loading in the operating system. I think I was employee #32 for Fry's.


I was studying Graphic Communications at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.
At that time Fry's Electronics was having the San Jose Mercury News layout artists do the paste up for their newspaper advertisements. There was a two week lead time to do the ads before they were printed in the newspaper. Fry's was spend over $1 million a year on advertising with the Mercury News.
CEO of Fry's Electronics, John Fry invited me to come back for the Summer for the summer break to set up doing full page newspaper ads in-house for Fry's. He set me up with a Mac SE/30 and a B/W laser printer that was capable of printing full page newspaper ads. During that summer I figured how to do full page newspaper ads using Aldus PageMaker and cut the lead time for doing ads from two weeks to eight hours. I believe I was the first person in the world to do something like this. The San Jose Mercury News also gave Fry's Electronics a 20% discounts for doing them in-house.

Charlie Chip

During this time I also created the digital version of Charlie Chip, which is still used today.