TEI Infographic of Brinqa

Forrester Research Total Economic Impact Infographic for Brinqa

This an infographic summary of the Total Economic Impact Study which Forrester Research did of Brighttalk’s Brinqa Platform.


For Military Drone Air Space Integration Joint Test.

Infographic showing test time-line, aircraft, locations used and partners. The development of standardized procedures for flight in the NAS required close coordination with many agencies. As the FAA is responsible for the safe operation of the NAS, the UAS-AI JT team established an especially close working relationship with the FAA. Other crucial partnerships from the community of interest included; all DoD Services, Air National Guard, the Joint Staff, CBP, NASA, USCG, and NGA.

This was designed in Adobe Illustrator and imported into MS Publisher.  PDF of Joint Test Project Overview White Paper for this graphic is can be downloaded here.


Quantitative Results for  Military Drone Air Space Integration Joint Test Metholology.

Info-graphic showing test criteria, sub-criteria’s, and results of each test. A scoring methodology based on measure results, combined with level of importance set by the JWAG, was used to answer each sub-issue and test issue. Figure 3 displays test results and answers to the question, “To what extent does the UNFO SP support …” The 12 categories under the four operating conditions resulted in a total of 48 comparison measures.

For group collaboration reasons, this was designed in MS PowerPoint. PDF of Joint Test Methodology and Results White Paper which contains this graphic can be downloaded here.